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Cellular Firewall

The Cellular Firewall is a managed access system used to intercept communications and assign access control over those attempting to communicate with mobile phones. As a gatekeeper of all incoming and outgoing GSM communications, the Cellular Firewall can permit or deny both voice and data for mobile cell phone users in a building or area where communications are restricted to authorized users only.

In a prison, for example, there are many illegal prison cell phones. In a Government facility, there is a chance an unauthorized person may attempt to make send calls or text messages without permission. These phones are used without approval by those in charge. In prisons, criminals speak with accomplices outside of prisons and conduct illicit activities. Using our Cellular Firewall, communications would be controlled by those in charge. All prison cell phones and all unauthorized phone users would be intercepted by the Cellular Firewall.

Managed Access
When that happens, the governing authority of this managed access system would then be able to carry out access control of the communications. They would decide which mobile phones are authorized, and which are denied. In a prison, those phones would be classified as prison cell phones. The warden, doctor, administration, and guards could be placed on a list of those permitted to make calls freely. All other phones would be held by the Cellular Firewall for an indefinite period of time.

No RF Jamming
When implementing a Cellular Firewall, a survey of the building and environment must first be implemented. Using this managed access approach, there is no RF Jamming that takes place. RF Jamming is an alternative to managed access, but has been known to cause interference to all users of GSM mobile communications, including those authorized to make and receive calls.

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