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Cellular Intercept

There are several methods of Cellular Intercept. Each variation has strengths and merits, and each focus on abilities that empower a surveillance operator to capture a mobile phone call and either listen, record, track, or control the communication.  

The common theme shared by Active Cellular Intercept and Passive Cellular Intercept is how the encryption is managed. The use of a decipher is required to decrypt both Active and Passive intercept technologies. In most circumstances, this decipher is built within the Cellular Intercept, but on some occasions, an external housing for a decipher is required.

A system build for a Cellular Intercept that operates in either a Passive or Active manner can be deployed in both urban and non-urban geographic settings. Although the features may vary, feedback from Government clients speak highly of each interceptor in use, especially with forensic features that include Target Identification, Phone Tracking, and Counter Intelligence.

Our organization services Government End Users with custom intercept solutions. Our professional Engineering Division is able to meet the needs of realistic requirements, and all interceptors are designed according to specification in order to streamline the high quality of COMINT results demanded by Government clients.

We offer informative presentations and workshops to both Government End Users and their authorized vendors.

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