Monitoring   Solutions   for   Law   Enforcement   and   Intelligence   Agencies


HSS Development is involved in the design, production, and implementation of Tracking Intelligence for use by Government Agencies only. HSS Development, with headquarters in Europe and representatives in the United States, work through trained authorized resellers of security and intelligence technologies.

The Tracking Intelligence line of GSM Monitoring Systems used for intercepting and listening to conversations, Cellular Firewall applications, and COMINT resources for investigating mobile identities are described on this site for information only. HSS Development conducts surveys for Cellular Intercept at client sites in order to demonstrate the principles of interception, the control factors employed by surveillance operators, cell catcher technologies that utilize cellular firewalls, and proof of concepts required by Government procurement groups.

In addition to on-location surveys, clients may also participate in workshops geared for Law Enforcement and those seeking to resell Communications Intelligence to Government Agencies.

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