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Counter Intelligence

Conduct counter Intelligence against criminal and terrorist organizations

With our Counter Intelligence, a surveillance officer is able to manipulate several aspects of a GSM Monitoring investigation. For Counter Intelligence, all incoming and outgoing communications may be altered by the surveillance officer in several ways to effect the Target and his accomplices.

In order to conduct Counter Intelligence, the Target's GSM identity must first be intercepted.  Once GSM Target identity interception has taken place, both audio and data functions may be subject to manipulation by the surveillance officer. The following Forensic abilities result from the gatekeeper functionality of our GSM Monitoring System employing Counter Intelligence:

SMS Imitation & Manipulation:
The surveillance officer can intercept incoming SMS messages, and modify them. SMS Intercept is not limited to incoming text messages. If the Target sends an outgoing SMS, Counter Intelligence would enable the surveillance officer to intercept and modify that outgoing message.

Caller ID Manipulation:
The surveillance officer can modify the incoming Caller ID so that a Target thinks he knows who is calling. The surveillance officer can also reset the Caller ID on an alternate Government Phone, so that if an accomplice is expecting a call from the Target, that alternate phone will appear to be the Target's Caller ID.

Criminal Network Identification
By gathering and analyzing all incoming and outgoing data of a Target under investigation, our Tactical GSM Intercept can identify related suspects. This results from intercepting outgoing phone numbers (Dialed Number) tones, Pin Numbers, Voice Mail and Access Number numbers, incoming Caller ID data, and other forensic characteristics the system can intercept and evaluate.

Call Routing: 
Should the Target make a call to someone, that call can be routed to another destination. Should an accomplice make a phone call to the Target, that call may also be routed to another destination.

Call Access:
If a surveillance officer chooses, he can deny all incoming calls to the Target. The caller would only hear the phone ringing, with no one picking up.

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