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The Tactical GSM Interceptor may be used to listen to voice calls, monitor SMS text messages, capture forensic data, and help Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement acquire COMINT and Tracking Intelligence of suspected criminals and terrorists. For investigations, this Tactical GSM Interceptor conducts audio surveillance monitoring of a Target with options to manipulate and modify criminal communications for counter intelligence. That means it can change both incoming and outgoing voice call destinations, Caller ID attributes, SMS text manipulations, and other forensic properties to mislead criminals and terrorists.

More than just an interceptor, this tactical system can operate with several investigative technologies on both 2G and 3G UMTS Networks. These subsystems include the following:
  • Target Identifier
  • Target Search Utility
  • Cellular Firewall
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Phone Tracking.
Voice Interception Operation
The fully equipped GSM Monitoring System intercepts audio for both incoming and outgoing voice calls. It is able to do so on both standard GSM (2G) networks, as well as UMTS networks through its upgraded 3G Interceptor architecture. As a Tactical GSM Interceptor, focused on following one or more suspects, the system performs both Targeted interception and Random interception. Should an investigator or intelligence agent have no information on the suspect, the system has the forensic tools available to provide the necessary prerequisites for covert audio intercept.

Remote Monitoring
Using a wireless connection, the surveillance officer may establish a remote hookup to the Tactical GSM Interceptor. This remote connection permits covert audio intercept during undercover audio monitoring operations. In addition, super-user access to our 2G Intercept and our 3G Intercept can be granted, enabling other surveillance officers to participate in the interception process. These users can be a few meters away to hundreds of kilometers away with a Laptop, Tablet PC, or Smart Phone. Even a supervisor can remotely connect to the system from the Government office on the other side of the world and hear live conversations or watch live SMS text messages.

Targeted Intelligence 
Using our Cellular Intercept, both Government agencies and Law Enforcement may perform specialized processes to acquire information about their Target under investigation. These processes are able to guide surveillance officers during the interception process, letting them conclude many important aspects of their investigation.

These processes involve the collection of metrical data and forensic analysis that can advise the surveillance officer about the Target's mobile identity, the location of the Target, when the Target is moving, Target access points, and other details. The layers of information from using Cellular Intercept give the surveillance users the edge when conducting intelligence gathering, as well as performing Counter Intelligence, an off-shoot of the GSM Monitoring architecture. The results include several types of forensic data that may be used to increase the scope of an investigation. This is necessary when compiling evidence against organized crime and terrorist groups.

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