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Target Identifier

In order to intercept a Target, it helps to have some intelligence about that Target. An IMSI Catcher can only do so much, whereas a Target Identifier detects the Target, specifically the traits of the Target's mobile phone equipment. The results can be used for GSM voice interception as well as capturing unique identity values during an investigation.

Location Data
With an IMSI Catcher, the information discovered can be used to learn about general demographic values, but with a Target Identifier, physical location and intelligence attributes are revealed. Specifically, the Target Identifier can implement IMSI survey results for real-time localization of suspected criminal or terrorist elements. Is the Target at home? Is the Target not at home? By conducting quick GSM Monitoring Surveys, a surveillance operator can determine if a suspected Terrorist is in an area by using the cellular detection feature of the Target Identifier.

Intercepting Disposable GSM Phone / SIM Cards
Once the surveillance operator has the Target IMSI identification, he can use that number within the Target Identifier processing engine to lock onto the mobile phone and intercept the call. But what happens if the Target is using a disposable GSM phone? With a regular IMSI Catcher, you would only be able to determine the current IMSI number yet with a Target Identifier; you could follow the GSM handset even if the person of interest is using a pre-paid SIM card with a disposable GSM phone.

The system would conduct multiple IMSI surveys for GSM network monitoring, with the results acquire the IMSI number based on duplication of the Target Identifier results. Because a Target may appear in multiple locations with the same phone, even if it is a disposable GSM phone, the the system still intercepts the IMSI identifier through its cellular detection and survey processes. The results of the IMSI being discovered are used to provide the surveillance operator with both location forensics and covert audio intercept.

2G IMSI Catcher Vs. 3G Target Identifier
In some countries, a 2G IMSI Catcher is sufficient to acquire intelligence on an enemy of the state. Yet the 3G Target Identifier incorporates both 2G and 3G GSM monitoring phases required for both cellular detection and IMSI identity capture. Therefore, the use of a proper Target Identifier in conjunction with our Tactical GSM Interceptor is suggested for survey missions as well as monitoring operations.

Many Law Enforcement and Intelligence organizations deploy our complete GSM Monitoring system equipped with dual Target Identifier application that includes both 2G and 3G capabilities. Because forensic investigations for GSM Monitoring can have multiple outcomes depending upon the location of use, the best equipped agencies prefer to be prepared for 2G and 3G environments.

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