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Target Search Utility

The Target Search Utility is an advanced service that works with our GSM Monitoring System to produce an identity number of a Target under investigation. Because GSM Monitoring can include both audio surveillance and mobile forensics, this utility was integrated for use when cellular detection is not an option.

Engine Based Utility
Cellular detection is generally an investigative segment, part of the monitoring process. However, not every Law Enforcement or Intelligence Agency needs to detect Targets in question. Through the use of the Target Search Utility, surveillance operators only have to enter the IMSI number of their Target to begin listening or monitoring GSM mobile communications in range. The Target Search Utility will yield the IMSI number by returning queries based on the MSISDN of the Target.

Is the Target Search Utility a substitute for an IMSI Catcher or a Target Identifier? No, because sometimes a Target will change his MSISDN (the public phone number from the mobile service provider). Should that happen, the Target Search Utility would rely on previous query results of the IMSI (which does not change). Yet if the Target disposed of his SIM card, the Target Identifier would be implemented to acquire the new IMSI number of the new SIM card, giving the surveillance operator the ability to acquire both voice and data interception. 

MCC & MNC Data
In addition to the Target discovery results, the Target Search Utility includes supplementary intelligence factors. When conducting an investigation, it is helpful to know what country the MSISDN associated with the SIM card for a Target is from. Some Law Enforcement and Government Agencies require knowing who the service provider may be for a phone being used by a terrorist or criminal.

These additional details apply to all Agencies when correlating and comparing information on Targets of interest. By keeping up-to-date information using GSM Monitoring techniques in conjunction with the Target Search Utility, Law Enforcement investigations are able to keep track of suspects in crime and their criminal accomplices.

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