Monitoring   Solutions   for   Law   Enforcement   and   Intelligence   Agencies
tracking intelligence

Using Tactical GSM Interceptor and GSM Monitoring technologies, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies are able to conduct cellular intercept investigations and initiate Counter Intelligence against criminal and terrorist organizations. In addition to covert audio surveillance, these technologies provide managed access, communication control, and mobile phone identity interception.

In a world where Government agencies need to keep track of criminal communications, from voice calls to SMS text messages, our COMINT solutions aid in critical acquisition of Tracking Intelligence. Our systems assist investigations that require evidence on persons of interest and enemies of state. With an array of forensic capabilities, our Tactical GSM Intercept may employ both the Target Identifier and the Cellular Firewall to conduct covert audio intercept to monitor and control the Target under investigation.

This method of control enables surveillance operators to conduct counter intelligence on both suspected criminals as well as their accomplices. Law Enforcement supervisors may participate in covert audio surveillance through wireless remote monitoring applications of the Tactical GSM Interceptor, listening to conversations as well as manipulating counter intelligence data from remote office / field locations.

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Tracking Intelligence
This scene shows the Tactical GSM Interceptor (briefcase in foreground)  in use during a Tracking Intelligence mission.
The surveillance operator is monitoring a mobile phone call using the remote functionality of the Interceptor.

Shown is the Tactical GSM Interceptor operating in a real-time environment for Tracking Intelligence operations.

Because there are several ways to configure GSM Monitoring technologies, and because Cellular Intercept may vary by country, it is highly recommended to proceed with a Cellular Intercept Workshop.

This consists of an informed presentation and or demonstration at the Government End User location. 

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